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Organisation : Rajasthan High Court
Announcement : Download Admit Card
Designation : Stenographer Test 2017 Shorthand and Speed & Efficiency Test
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Admission Cards of all candidates found provisionally qualified to appear in Stenography Test (Hindi & English) and Computer Test (Speed & Efficiency) for recruitment to the post of stenographer in District Courts, 2017 to be held from 29.05.2017 to 03.06.2017 at Jaipur have been uploaded and can be downloaded from link “Admit Card” provided on

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The candidates are required to download their Admission Card-cum-Attendance Sheet by entering Application ID and Date of Birth to get print-out.

No Admission Card shall be sent to the candidate separately. The Candidates are required to strictly follow the instructions mentioned in the Admission Card to seek the admission in the Examination.

Instructions & procedure for Shorthand and Speed & Efficiency Test :
1. Candidates are required to download their respective Admit Card-cum-Attendance Sheet from the official website of Rajasthan High Court
2. Candidate shall affix his/her recent passport size colour photograph on the place specified for this purpose in the Admit Card-cum-Attendance Sheet.
3. Candidates are required to bring such Admit Card-cum- Attendance Sheet to seek the admission in the relevant examination Centre.
4. Candidate shall reach the Examination Centre well before the reporting time as mentioned in the Admit Card-cum- Attendance sheet failing which he/she may not be allowed to appear in the test.
5. Candidates shall take their respective seats after checking their respective roll number mentioned on the Computer Table.
6. They shall follow the instructions as communicated by the invigilator or through speakers.
7. Two tests shall be taken one after another i.e. shorthand test and computer test. Computer test will consist of Speed Test and Efficiency Test and will further be taken one after another.
8. Candidate once entered the examination room (Computer Lab.) shall not be allowed to leave the room before completion of test process.

9. Candidates shall check all the computer peripherals such as Key Board, Monitor etc. for which they can click on the icon of Notepad available on desktop and type whatever they want to check the working of peripherals and the Computer.

If any of peripherals or machine is found out of order, they may ask the invigilator to replace it. Meanwhile, any of the candidates should not shout or disturb others but should remain seated quietly and wait for further change/replacement. After checking the peripherals, candidates shall close the Notepad window.

10. The invigilator in the lab shall provide shorthand notebook to you. You have to fill correctly Following Details:
a. Roll numbers (in figure and in words)
b. Name
c. Date & time of the test

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11. Before dictating the final shorthand passage, a trial passage containing 200-250 words shall be dictated to the candidates at the same speed at which the final passage is required to be dictated.

12. After lapse of 5 minutes of the dictation of trial passage, the Main passage having duration of 6 minutes shall be dictated by the same person keeping in view the uniformity of speed.

13. Candidates shall login the program for transcription upon being asked by the invigilator immediately after the dictation of main passage. The candidates are required to enter their respective particulars as instructed by the invigilator or otherwise and start transcribing the trial passage if they wish to be familiar with the program. Two minutes time shall be allowed for this purpose.

14. 5 minute time shall be allowed for reading the dictated main passage thereafter.
15. The candidates are required to transcribe the main passage on computer for which 50 minutes time shall be allowed.

16. After a gap of 5 minutes, Speed test will be started for which candidates shall have to type the material appeared in first half of the computer screen at second half of the computer screen. The candidates can scroll down the page of the question passage and type the same until the complete material is typed.

17. No editorial tools such as delete, navigation, spell check etc. shall be provided on the computer, therefore, candidates are advised to transcribe the dictated passage and type the question passage with caution. Back space key and left mouse key can be used (ONLY FOR TRASCRIPTION AND NOT FOR SPEED TEST).

18. 1) Candidate shall not use any keys other than keys allowed and are necessary to be used for transcription and typing. Evaluation of the whole examination including shorthand test, speed test and efficiency test shall be carried out programmatically by the computer, therefore, use of unauthentic keys may affect the evaluation for which the candidate himself shall be liable.

2) Use of any other key might exit you from the main screen and you will have to re-login to continue for transcription afresh.

19. After completion of Speed test, 5 minutes shall be allowed and thereafter, efficiency test of 10 minutes duration shall be commenced.

20. Necessary paragraph, test, table etc. will be available on computer screen by default on which questions are to be answered. Candidates are advised not to change the default setting by unnecessary inserting of new field enter key or any other unwanted formatting which may lead to change in default setting.

If any changes in default setting except those specifically asked in questions are made then no marks will be awarded for task performed, for which candidate himself shall be liable/responsible.

21. Candidates must take care of duration of every test as the program shall stop working automatically after completion of time scheduled for every step.

22. Every candidate shall be required to put his/her roll number on the question paper for efficiency test and signed the certificate printed on it after completion of the examination. Invigilator shall also verify by putting his/her signature on the place specified for this purpose and collect back all such question paper.

23. No candidate shall be permitted to leave the lab until all such question papers are collected by the invigilator.

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