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Organisation : THDC India Limited
Announcement : Download Admit Card
Designation : Jr. Engineer Trainee in Civil, Mechanical and Electrical 2016-17

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Pattern of Examination :
Component No. of Question Marks
Part-I-General Aptitude and General Awareness Test 40 40
Part-II-Technical/Professional Knowledge Test 120 120
Total 160 160
There will be one (1) Mark for every right answer and -1/4 Mark for each wrong answer. No Marking will be given for un-attempted question (s)

Civil Sample Question Papers :
1. In a mortar, the binding material is
(a) cement
(b) sand
(c) surkhi
(d) cind

2. Bitumen in
(a) solid state, is called asphalt
(b) semi fluid state, is called mineral tar
(c) fluid state, is called petroleum
(d) all the above

3. Hydrographic surveys deal with the mapping of
(a) large water bodies
(b) heavenly bodies
(c) mountaineous region
(d) canal system

4. The most reliable method of plotting a theodolite traverse, is
(a) by consecutive co-ordinates of each station
(b) by independent co-ordinates of each station
(c) by plotting included angles and scaling off each traverse leg
(d) by the tangent method of plotting.

5. In a liquid limit test, the moisture content at 10 blows was 70% and that at 100 blows was 20%. The liquid limit of the soil, is
(a) 35%
(b) 50%
(c) 65%
(d) none of these.

6. Soils containing organic matters
(a) are of spongy nature
(b) swell with decrease of moisture
(c) shrink with increase of moisture content
(d) none of these.

7. If 1500 g of water is required to have a cement paste 1875 g of normal consistency, the percentage of water is,
(a) 20%
(b) 25%
(c) 30%
(d) 35%

8. Curing
(a) reduces the shrinkage of concrete
(b) preserves the properties of concrete
(c) prevents the loss of water by evaporation
(d) all of the above.

9. The difference of heights of the tunnels above rail tops of BG and MG tracks is kept
(a) 0.30 m
(b) 0.45 m
(c) 0.60 m
(d) 0.75 m

10. For full face method, the excavation to be done is generally divided into
(a) two sections
(b) three sections
(c) four sections
(d) five sections.

11. Dado is usually provided in
(a) dinning halls
(b) bath rooms
(c) living rooms
(d) verandah

12. The foundation in which a cantilever beam is provided to join two footings, is known as
(a) strip footing
(b) strap footing
(c) combined footing
(d) raft footing

13. The minimum value of camber provided for thin bituminous surface hill roads, is
(a) 2.2%
(b) 2.5%
(c) 3.0%
(d) 3.5%

14. A district road with a bituminous pavement has a horizontal curve of 1000 m for a design speed of 75 km ph. The super-elevation is
(a) 1 in 40
(b) 1 in 50
(c) 1 in 60
(d) 1 in 70

15. Irrigation canals are generally aligned along
(a) ridge line
(b) contour line
(c) valley line
(d) straight line

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