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VIT VITEEE 2017 Sample Question : Engineering Entrance Examination

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Organisation : VIT University
Announcement : Sample Question
Entrance Exam : VITEEE-2017 VIT Engineering Entrance Examination

Sample Question :
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VITEEE Sample Question :

No Negative marks for wrong answers

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1. Which of the following protozoans live in guts of termites and help them to digest cellulose?
A) Plasmodium
B) Amoeba proteus
C) Trichonympha
D) Trypanosoma

2. The function of centromere is to
A) move the chromosomes
B) divide the centrosomes
C) form nuclear spindle
D) form spindle fibers

3. An embryo sac in higher plants at maturity has
A) 4 nuclei
B) 7 nuclei
C) 8 nuclei
D) one nucleus

4. Gene assort independently from one another. How many genotype can be produced if the number of heterozygous gene pairs is four?
A) 4
B) 8
C) 81
D) 64

5. Which deficiency in humans causes Alzheimer’s disease?
B) Dopamine
C) Acetylcholine
D) Glutamic acid

6. In Lineweaver-Burk plot, the Y intercept represents
A) Vmax
B) Km
C) 1/Vmax
D) 1/Km

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7. Which one of the following doesn’t play any role in photosynthesis?
A) Phycocyanin
B) Xanthophylls
C) Phycoerythrin
D) Anthocyanin

8. Fertilizin is a chemical substance produced from
A) mature eggs
B) acrosome
C) polar bodies
D) middle piece of sperm

9. Introduction of DNA into the bacteria by exposing the cells to millisecond jolts of tens of thousands of volts is
A) electro fusion
B) electro fission
C) electrolysis
D) electroporation

10. Which of the following is not a functional unit of ecosystem?
A) Productivity
B) Energy flow
C) Stratification
D) Decomposition

1. The nucleus of an element contains 11 protons. Its valency would be
A) 0
B) 1
C) 2
D) 3

2. Identify the lanthanide which is obtained only by synthesis.
A) Lu
B) Pm
C) Pr
D) Gd

3. Which one of the following compounds shows Frenkel defect?
A) ZnS
B) CsCl
C) FeO
D) NaCl

4. A cylinder of cooking gas supplied by Indian Oil Corporation is assumed to contain 14 kg of butane (?Hc for C4H10 = – 2600 kJ mol-1). If a small family of three persons, requires 10,000 J of heat energy per day for cooking, the gas in the cylinder would last for
A) 44 days
B) 54 days
C) 72 days
D) 63 days

5. The molar conductivities of infinite dilution for sodium iodide, sodium acetate and aluminium acetate are 12.69, 9.10 and 24.52 S cm2 mol-1 respectively at 25 °C. What is the molar conductivity of AlI3 at infinite dilution?
A) 35 S cm2 mol-1
B) 32 S cm2 mol-1
C) 28 S cm2 mol-1
D) 40 S cm2 mol-1

6. The number of structural isomers for the alcohols with the formula C5H11OH is
A) 4
B) 6
C) 8
D) 10

7. The best reagent to convert pent-3-en-2-ol into pent-3-en-2-one is
A) pyridinium chloro-chromate
B) acidic dichromate
C) acidic permanganate
D) chromic anhydride in glacial acetic acid

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