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Organisation : TANGEDCO Tamil Nadu Generation And Distribution Corporation Limited
Announcement : Result
Designation : Departmental Tests November 2016

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Result :

Results of the Departmental test conducted during November 2016 (For Employees Of TANGEDCO/TANTRANSCO only)

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Departmental Test for Technical Officers Paper I & II (With Books)
Date of Examination: Paper I ( 26-11-2016 F.N ) Paper II (26-11-2016 A.N)

NOTE: Request from unsuccessful candidates for information as to the cause of failure or for revaluation of the answer books will not be complied with.

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Sl No | Appln No |Name |Designation| Centre |DOB| CIRCLE

1 HT16B1993 M RANGASAMY JUNIOR ENGINEER GR. II Coimbatore 07-NOV-1960 Coimbatore North
2 HT16B2152 ALEXALWIN.Y COMMERCIAL ASSISTANT Coimbatore 08-JUN-1989 Coimbatore South
3 HT16B1909 RAJESHKANNAN.N.N COMMERCIAL INSPECTOR Coimbatore 20-JUN-1977 Coimbatore Metro
4 HT16B2190 R.MURUGESAN SPECIAL GRADE FOREMAN Coimbatore 16-OCT-1965 Coimbatore Metro
5 HT16B0654 RANGARAJ.S FOREMAN GRADE I Coimbatore 23-APR-1965 Coimbatore North
6 HT16B0120 SUBRAMANIAM A SPECIAL GRADE FOREMAN Coimbatore 29-MAY-1964 Udumalpet
7 HT16B1370 RAJAGOPAL.R COMMERCIAL ASSISTANT Coimbatore 04-FEB-1988 Udumalpet
8 HT16B1392 SIVASANKAR.N JUNIOR ENGINEER GR. II Coimbatore 04-AUG-1968 Coimbatore Metro
9 HT16B0690 SARAVANABAVA K ASSISTANT PROGRAMMER Coimbatore 10-JUL-1974 Coimbatore Region
10 HT16B1167 CHARLES.R FIELD ASSISTANT Coimbatore 13-JUN-1984 Coimbatore South
11 HT16B1197 KARTHIKEYAN N TECHNICAL ASSISTANT Coimbatore 21-SEP-1993 Coimbatore North
12 HT16B0569 SARAVANAN N TECHNICAL ASSISTANT Coimbatore 05-JUN-1989 Udumalpet
13 HT16B1978 DHINESHKUMAR A FIELD ASSISTANT Coimbatore 30-JUL-1994 Coimbatore North
14 HT16B1192 SASIKUMAR.C COMMERCIAL ASSISTANT Coimbatore 17-APR-1987 Coimbatore North
15 HT16B1125 RAVISANKAR K FIELD ASSISTANT Coimbatore 15-JUN-1979 Gen Kundah
16 HT16B0451 SATHISH KUMAR S TECHNICAL ASSISTANT Coimbatore 25-MAY-1986 Nilgiris
17 HT16B0398 MURUGESAN V JUNIOR ENGINEER GR. II Coimbatore 01-MAY-1964 Coimbatore South
18 HT16B1115 LAKSHMIPATHY P ASSISTANT PROGRAMMER Coimbatore 12-AUG-1986 Nilgiris
19 HT16B1130 NAGAVALLI P OFFICE HELPER Coimbatore 18-OCT-1983 Gen Kundah
20 HT16B1223 BALAKRISHNAN R FOREMAN GRADE I Coimbatore 01-JUN-1964 GCC Coimbatore
21 HT16B0036 BASKARAN.P TECHNICAL ASSISTANT Coimbatore 08-JUN-1985 Coimbatore South
22 HT16B0702 P MOHANA SUNDHARAM FOREMAN GRADE I Coimbatore 09-APR-1979 Udumalpet
23 HT16B0139 RAMESH K FOREMAN GRADE I Coimbatore 04-APR-1967 Tiruppur
24 HT16B0522 ESAKKI MUTHU M TECHNICAL ASSISTANT Coimbatore 10-JUN-1993 Gen Kundah
25 HT16B2050 GOPAL V JUNIOR ENGINEER GR. II Coimbatore 10-MAY-1966 Udumalpet
26 HT16B0749 RAMALINGAM A S.G.FOREMAN II GRADE Coimbatore 30-APR-1965 Udumalpet
27 HT16B1710 MUNAFARALI A FIELD ASSISTANT Coimbatore 30-JUN-1979 Coimbatore Metro
28 HT16B2292 SIVARAJ.K COMMERCIAL INSPECTOR Coimbatore 24-JUN-1977 Udumalpet
29 HT16B2294 SADASIVAM.M. COMMERCIAL INSPECTOR Coimbatore 15-JUN-1975 Tiruppur
30 HT16B0126 MOTHILRAJ V JUNIOR ENGINEER GR. II Coimbatore 14-JUN-1965 Coimbatore South
31 HT16B1133 THANGARASU P TECHNICAL ASSISTANT Coimbatore 02-APR-1991 Gen Kundah
32 HT16B1733 KALAIYARASAN J TECHNICAL ASSISTANT Coimbatore 20-MAY-1991 Gen Kundah
33 HT16B1193 SABARISH.J HELPER TRAINEE Coimbatore 06-APR-1993 Coimbatore North
34 HT16B1528 SHANMUGAM P JUNIOR ENGINEER GR.II Coimbatore 20-MAY-1966 Coimbatore North
35 HT16B1327 PRAKASH.N TECHNICAL ASSISTANT Coimbatore 04-FEB-1984 Coimbatore South
36 HT16B1304 SANGEETHA B COMMERCIAL INSPECTOR Coimbatore 15-FEB-1985 Coimbatore Metro
37 HT16B1271 SELVAKUMAR S TECHNICAL ASSISTANT Coimbatore 16-FEB-1985 Gen Kundah
38 HT16B0570 SIVAKUMAR.R COMMERCIAL INSPECTOR Coimbatore 11-JUL-1976 Tiruppur
39 HT16B0589 KALAISELVI S HELPER TRAINEE Coimbatore 27-MAY-1986 Tiruppur
40 HT16B0711 ESWARAMOORTHY R SPECIAL GRADE FOREMAN Coimbatore 03-MAY-1964 Udumalpet
41 HT16B2057 RATHINAVELU P JUNIOR ENGINEER GR.II Coimbatore 25-JUN-1962 Udumalpet
42 HT16B0731 ABDUL RAHMAN M ASSISTANT ENGINEER Coimbatore 18-APR-1983 Gen Kundah
43 HT16B0737 MUTHUSAMY C JUNIOR ENGINEER GR. II Coimbatore 20-MAY-1962 Coimbatore North
44 HT16B1586 JAYAKUMAR P ASSISTANT ENGINEER Coimbatore 15-JUL-1978 Gen Kundah
46 HT16B0724 K.ESWARAN COMMERCIAL INSPECTOR Coimbatore 30-JUN-1978 Coimbatore South
47 HT16B0465 MURUGASAMY N JUNIOR ENGINEER GR. II Coimbatore 21-MAR-1968 Coimbatore North
48 HT16B0521 VENKIDUSAMY V FOREMAN GRADE I Coimbatore 24-OCT-1964 Tiruppur
49 HT16B0728 SUDHAKAR R TECHNICAL ASSISTANT Coimbatore 18-SEP-1990 Gen Kundah
50 HT16B0422 KRISHNAN V JUNIOR ENGINEER GR. II Coimbatore 17-JUL-1965 Tiruppur
For full list of successful candidates, refer the pdf file in the above link.

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